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Professional Supervision

Self-Care and Team Coaching Program


Today our government agencies are focused on workplaces being responsible for the health and well-being of all their employees; making sure employees are given appropriate support to manage their stress.


Is an "Employee Assist" program adequate? No, it is the 'ambulance at the bottom of the cliff' after a crisis has already occurred.


Why not become an organisation that has a program in place to reduce and where possible, eliminate stress and burn out.


We provide professional supervision to anyone employed in a role that is stressful and requires continuous and regular reflection, self-care and personal development in relation to the people they provide services too. This might be in the social service, disability, mental health or  addiction service sectors.



The Professional Supervision (workplace coaching) service we offer is as in the Te Pou Initiatives on Supervision. Professional supervision, focused on developing a person’s skills, understanding, abilities and ethical requirements of practice in their profession.


Those who work “at the coal face” need regular opportunities to reflect on their work, their responses to stress and conflict and their practice, in order to keep safe, professional and aware of their own needs. We are all well aware of the outcomes for those who are left to manage on their own when faced with difficult and stressful situations. 



Business Meeting

We can assist you in setting up peer support groups and coach your employees in self-care to keep your staff and volunteers healthy and enjoying their work.

Contact us for an obligation free meeting to discuss your organisation's needs.

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“Better outcomes for service users … Better professional relationships … Opportunities to reflect and link knowledge and practice … Increased confidence … Skill development ... Greater awareness and understanding … Reduced stress.”                   
Te Pou Intitiatives

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