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Life Coaching

  • Do you spend money because it makes you happy? Want another way?

  • Do you feel stuck and wish you could break free of whatever holds you back?

  • Have you set goals and New Year's resolutions but struggle to realise them?  Need the resources?

  • Are you experiencing relationship issues? Want to stop fighting?

  • Do you want a different life? Want Change?

Imagine life where nothing stops you from reaching your goals; you celebrate your achievements and your breakthroughs; and you live the life you always hoped for.

Six sessions with a Meta-Coach will create the space and intention for real change and new direction. A sense of accomplishment and self-confidence grows as your goals are met and conscious steps lead to real growth. Negative self-talk and lack of motivation become things of the past. Getting clear about who you are and the power and resources you have within, are results of the meta-coaching process.

Janine Felton - Director

Janine Felton is an experienced professional, having utilised her coaching skills in many roles in her career; working with leaders, support staff, members of her community and those with disabilities, neuro-diversity (ADHD, ADD, ASD, dyslexia, etc), mental health issues, addictions and other life restrictions. 

Janine celebrates with people as they break free of their barriers, move towards their goals and experience new freedom and joy.

Janine is a Meta-Coach; assisting people to find their unique path, break through and fulfil their own life’s potential. Janine creates the space for hope and new possibilities to evolve as people discover their own strength and wisdom. Watch Janine talk about her own journey at the Her Story Summit 

Janine is a Professional member of ANZCAL (Australia New Zealand Coaching Alliance) and a certified Meta-Coach with INSA (Institute of Neuro-Semantics Australia).  She is a practitioner of Meta-Coaching, Abundance Coaching, Breakthrough Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Neuro Semantics, Mindfulness and has an interest in the Enneagram Personality Types.

Rainforest Suspension Bridge

"Janine is a lovely warm human with a great sense of humour that has an intuitive way of coaching."



66 San Valentino Drive, Henderson Heights, Auckland, New Zealand

66 San Valentino Drive, Henderson Heights, Auckland, New Zealand

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