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If you need more information, have questions, give expression of interest for programmes or would like to meet for an obligation-free session, please be in touch. You can contact us via phone, email or by filling out the form below.



Find out for yourself if coaching is right for you or your team. 

Available in Grey Lynn and via Zoom meetings.

Phone 021 0269 4068


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What Our Clients Say

From Kim-Maree

I have been coached by Janine for some time now and have been not only really impressed by her level of empathy, calm manner ... Janine is a lovely warm human with a great sense of humour that has an intuitive way of coaching. She led me to identify my own barriers and meaningful solutions to these... She allows you to do this with grace and humour. I found her coaching sessions very useful. 

From John

Janine's coaching has been very effective. I have learned to trust myself ... As a result I have been able to establish some boundaries ... I was taking too much responsibility. I am no longer prepared to take responsibility for my partner’s behaviour and life choices. Now I am calmer, more mindful, braver and more resilient.

From Petra (ASD Client)

I am feeling less concerned about what others think of me.

From Nicole (ASD Client)

Janine is very supportive and understanding. She knows that sometimes to fully understand something I must ask something more than once and she shows patience. She is an amazing life coach ...  Thanks to Janine I have started to learn and appreciate myself more, to realise my strengths and to know where to find support if I need to. She encouraged me to ... allow myself to follow my own personal path of life . 

Carol (Mother of ASD teen client)

... she is more confident socially at Uni this year, which I'm sure has been as a result of the work she has done with you so we really appreciate that - thank you!!  

66 San Valentino Drive, Henderson Heights, Auckland, New Zealand

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