“Success is every minute you live.  It’s the process of living.  It’s stopping for the moments of beauty, of pleasure; the moments of peace.  Success is not a destination that you ever reach.  Success is the quality of the journey.”

— Jennifer James

At Celebrating Life, our life coaches are certified Meta Coaches, trained in Neuro-Semantics and NLP. This sets us apart from most life coaches working in New Zealand. 

Life Coaching 

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"                   Dr Seuss                                                

Professional Supervision
and Team Coaching

Looking after your staff and enabling them to take care of themselves and their colleagues. 

It is possible to eliminate burnout from your workforce.


Come away, relax, refresh, refocus, re-energise, reflect, re-create, rejoice. Take the time to breath, breath, breath.

66 San Valentino Drive, Henderson Heights, Auckland, New Zealand

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